Tea Tree Refresh – Dry Shampoo Spray

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Tea Tree Refresh – Dry Shampoo Spray –  2oz

Ingredients: steam distilled water, Tea Tree oil – Organic

Are you using a dry shampoo spray that is leaving your scalp itchy and hair feeling heavy?  Ditch your dry shampoo!

Tea Tree refresh Dry Shampoo Spray leaves your dirty hair feeling like you just washed it! You can run your fingers through your hair and it feels like nothing is in it

*Not your ordinary dry shampoo – this one is wet!  It doesn’t’ leave a powdery residue. Your hair will feel light, weightless, and airy.

You will use this on your dirty hair days, anytime your roots are looking or feeling oily, or if you’re in need of calming a dry itchy scalp.

What it does:  This product will absorb the dirt, oil and grease of your scalp without washing your hair. It creates natural body and lift, calms and soothes irritated/ itchy scalp. Extends the life of a blow out.

1 review for Tea Tree Refresh – Dry Shampoo Spray

  1. Jessi Francis Hair & Wellness

    I have been trying various dry shampoos over the past year. This is by far my favorite! I have very light colored hair so oils shows easily and quickly. It is also fine and on the oily side. I can finally go a day without washing! I do use it at night instead of the morning. I found this to be better for me. I wash one day, use the product that night, get up the next day and just run a brush through my hair. Walla ready to go!

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