Grow & Repair Serum

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Growth & Repair Serum – 2oz

Ingredients: black castor oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil – 99% Organic

Other hair growth products contain chemicals that actually will cause your hair to fall out once you stop using them. Grow is made from natural ingredients from the Earth. There’s coconut oil, black castor oil, lavender and rosemary oil. Rosemary oil is the plant based equivalent to minoxidil that’s in most of your commercial /department store hair growth brand except this one won’t make your hair fall out. It is made from natural plant based ingredients that are good for you and your hair!

What it does:

When used on scalp – Promotes and speeds up hair growth.

When used on hair – plumps up the hair strand, adds body and fullness, adds shine, aids in repairing and moisturizing hair leaving it shiny and smooth. It helps control frizz.

1 review for Grow & Repair Serum

  1. Elizabeth Tatro

    This product is life changing!!! So exciting to have a natural serum with no harsh chemicals to keep my hair long and strong!! Such a great product, thank you

    • Jessi Francis Hair & Wellness (verified owner)

      Liz – glad you are enjoying the product!

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