Jessi Francis

Article in: The View – by author Shawn Grant – February 24, 2022

Born and raised in Michigan, Jessi Francis always had a passion for self-care and uplifting others. As she journeyed through life, that passion would become her dreams, one she placed her focus on realizing. Jessi Francis has become the proud owner of her very own Organic Hair Care and Wellness Spa, the place where individuals, rappers, and celebrities alike trust to bring out the best in them.

Customized for each client, she uses her experience and training to ascertain every aspect of their look and leaves them feeling refreshed and revitalized. Self-care nurtures positive energy and with her all-organic chemical free products, artists have been glowing inside and out at every appearance and performance. Jessica Francis’ beauty brand is setting a new tone for the industry. Not only is she changing the way people care for themselves, but her organic brand-line also helps keep the earth free of pollutants.

With her name and brand on the rise, Jessica Francis continues to add bigtime names like the rappers Joe Kane and Infamous Billa to her clientele. Organic Hair Care and Wellness Spa is bettering the lives of individuals one care package at a time by easing the weight of the world weighing on their shoulders. The music industry has sustained heavy losses due to mental health woes throughout time, even more so recently. Artists deal with a lot of pressure daily from labels, fans, and trying to make it with their dreams without being burnt out creatively. Jessica Francis is giving them the relief and confidence they need to be on their A-game and in good mental and physical health.

Jessica Francis believed in herself and is inspiring others to create the dream, work the dream and live the dream. This first business venture of hers is only the beginning of great things to come. She intends on expanding her brand internationally and is currently working on videos and podcasts to make an impact through other creative avenues. Be sure to check out her Instagram and website for more.

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