All Natural Hair Care Products – Organic Plant Based Hair Care by Jessi Francis Hair & Wellness in Farmington Michigan.

Therapy for your hair. Jessi believes that also speaking and re affirming that your hair is already in a healthy, luscious, luxurious state is the foundation of Happy, Healthy Hair!

About: Our health and wellbeing is so crucial for our everyday living. Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? It’s important we choose clean chemical free products to use on our body just as it is to put in our body. Jessi’s line of products is made with all natural, plant based ingredients from the earth. Always sourcing from the best, and 99 percent of the ingredients are Organic.

We use minimal ingredients as much as possible that still work and give the same effect. Herbs and plants were used in ancient medicine and for healing. So we’ve brought it back to the basic essentials and are chemical free.


Our Natural Products:



Live Life First Class Body scrub

Coffee and Pink Himalayan scrub! The perfect scrub for before shaving or to exfoliate skin or any time you want to feel silky smooth skin!

Coffee and Grapefruit oil are great for targeting and reducing the appearance of Cellulite and stretch marks. This also helps to tighten skin.

Ingredients: Coffee, Pink Himalayan Salt, Coconut oil, Jojoba seed oil, Grapefruit Oil, Vitamin C

What it does: Exfoliates skin, Leaves skin feeling silky smooth, Helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks


Tea tree refresh

Ingredients: steam distilled water, Tea Tree oil

Are you using a dry shampoo that is leaving your scalp itchy and hair feeling heavy?  Ditch your dry shampoo!

Tea Tree refresh leaves your dirty hair feeling like you just washed it! You can run your fingers through your hair and it feels like nothing is in it

*Not you’re ordinary dry shampoo – this one is wet!  It doesn’t’ leave a powdery residue. Your hair will feel light weightless, and airy.

You will use this on your dirty hair days, anytime your roots are looking or feeling oily, or if you’re in need of calming a dry itchy scalp.

What it does:  This product will absorb the dirt, oil and grease of your scalp without washing your hair. It creates natural body and lift, calms and soothes irritated/ itchy scalp. Extends the life of a blow out



Ingredients: black castor oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil

Other hair growth products contain chemicals that actually will cause your hair to fall out once you stop using them. Grow is made from natural ingredients from the Earth. There’s coconut oil, black castor oil, lavender and rosemary oil. Rosemary oil is the plant based equivalent to minoxidil that’s in most of your commercial /department store hair growth brand except this one won’t make your hair fall out. It is made from natural plant based ingredients that are good for you and your hair!

What it does:

When used on scalp -Promotes and speeds up hair growth

When used on hair – plumps up the hair strand, adds body and fullness, adds shine, aids in repairing and moisturizing hair leaving it shiny and smooth. It helps control frizz



Ingredients: Jojoba oil, lavender oil

Great for curly hair or to add shine to the ends of your finished blow out. can be used wet or dry

What it does: moisturizes hair, adds shine, protects against dryness, breakage and split ends